The Period Solution

28-Day Hormone-Balancing Plan

Get your roadmap to balanced hormones and healthy periods

  • Easy cycle-tracking
  • Nutrition tips, recipes, and weekly meal plans
  • Simple lifestyle shifts
  • Printable calendar to track your progress

Say goodbye to monthly misery.

You can’t afford one more day relegated to the couch in the fetal position while your period brings your life to a crampy halt.

Our hormones fluctuate throughout the month, and we want to work with our bodies so we can put bloating, mood swings, fatigue, and pain behind us.

But getting started just feels overwhelming.

How do you figure out which phase you’re in? Which foods will be helpful? And how do you make sure you’re doing this right?

I know the learning curve feels intimidating, Lovely.

And yet it’s essential to figure this out because you deserve to STOP suffering and START living the balanced, energetic life you were created for.

That's why I’ve created this clear, easy-to-follow eBook with ALL the details you need to be successful—from trusted apps to can’t-help-but-crave recipes to cleaning products that won’t derail your progress.

Get a sneak peek inside...

Ready to take the fast-track?

Hormonal harmony without the guesswork.

Here’s the good news: It’s not difficult to get your hormones playing together like a symphony. You just need a little knowledge, a clear plan, and someone to tell you what to do when. I’ve got you, Lovely. The Period Solution does exactly that.


Understand the foundations of hormone balance and learn how to identify the four phases of our menstrual cycle so we always know what the body needs.


Use ready-made shopping lists, weekly meal planning guides, recipes, and exercise recommendations tailored for each phase of the cycle.


Support your progress with a printable weekly progress tracker, recommended apps, and lifestyle tips for happy hormones.

For years, I tried everything under the sun to feel better and nothing worked.

Like you, I once suffered from wacky symptoms like weight gain, painful and irregular periods, PMS, digestive discomfort, and intense mood swings. Little did I know all these symptoms were part of PCOS.

One day, I decided I was done listening to doctors who told me that my only option was the birth control pill and that PCOS and Endometriosis were things I just had to “live” with. So I went back to school to study functional medicine, nutrition, and women’s health. 

I used what I was learning in school to run the right labs, change my diet and lifestyle to support my body, and begin taking targeted supplements. Today, I’m happy to report that I’ve been in remission and now live a virtually symptom-free life!

I know that full healing is possible for you, too, and after spending decades searching for a solution for myself, I want to make it easier for other women to experience healing — and I want to help you get there faster!

I’ve put the most essential things I've learned from my own health journey and my 7+ years of working one-on-one with over 250 women into this actionable, step-by-step guide so you can experience the same freedom without years of school, trial-and-error, and expense.

Here’s how it works:

Purchase The Period Solution 28-Day Hormone-Balancing Plan

Buy the eBook and get immediate access to the content delivered via email so you can get started now and apply the steps ASAP.

Dig into the content at your own pace and use all the support available

Follow along each section and begin implementing the 28-day plan to support your body through each phase of your cycle — be sure to use the resources I've included to track your progress and keep yourself accountable.

Feel amazing and be empowered knowing exactly how to maintain your results

Enjoy sustainable results and feel truly confident knowing that you can apply these foundational practices anytime you need to keep your hormones happy long-term.

Listen, Lovely:

Painful periods may be common — but they are not normal.

And ignoring period problems can eventually manifest into bigger health issues like fibroids, thyroid imbalances, autoimmunity, and fertility challenges.

"But what if I don’t have painful or irregular periods, Jenna?”

So, here’s the thing, Lovely: Period problems are a symptom of hormone imbalance. Remember, our periods are our 5th vital sign that can point to what’s going on with our health.

But not all women experience the same symptoms and not all women who come to see me experience period problems.

Hormone imbalances often do show up as period problems, which is how I earned my nickname “The Period Guru”, but a hormonal imbalance can also show up through other symptoms like digestive issues, mood swings, chronic fatigue, and more.

You take care of so much. It’s time to take care of you

Let’s reclaim the natural balance we deserve, stop suffering from period problems or hormonal imbalances, and start thriving—all month long.

The Period Solution 28-Day Hormone-Balancing Plan

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